Marie-Line started writing songs in her late teens. She really got prolific a few years later when she was living in New York and her then boyfriend dumped her. “I remember sitting in my small studio, crying and crying to a point where my face was swollen. Even my mouth felt swollen, and salty from the constant crying. It was my first [and only] real heartbreak”. The songs came pouring out.

When she went back to France, she came across some beat makers in Paris. She was asked to sing on a couple songs for a French rapper (singing in English!) but it fell through. Nevertheless, Marie-Line started recording on those tracks and made them her own. That’s when she realized she also had a knack for writing to other artists’ music. “I really enjoy now singing my own vocals to music out there, specially on Dance, Electro tracks.”

Her songs reflect her growing into the woman she is today. In Tears of joy, she talks about her realization that life is made of choices and it is a choice to follow one’s dreams and be strong. In Don’t you worry, Marie-Line expresses the joy of being an adult and being the generation that’ll make a difference.

But most of her songs actually reflect women’s desires and fantasies. “I write songs about myself but also about every other woman out there. I talk about what women only think about”. In Quand je te vois, she expresses her attraction to a man whom she fantasizes about. Everything I do is about a woman who behaves a certain way for a man to want her.

But Marie-Line also believes women are the strongest creatures. Her songs also talk about how they can think like a man when they want to (Mal au Mâle) or be better off without a man.

Her sincerity in her songs has no limit. She’ll talk about how her unapologetic way of seeing things gets back at her in Caught in my own game. And You’ll never know is a chilling song about loosing a child.

Marie-Line writes songs from scratch or to beats. Her songs have different feel to them. If she had to be categorized, she’d be a Pop artist. But some songs could be RnB, some could even be Country or Electro.

On the Music Page, all this variety of songs is recorded acoustically. You’ll also find her previous studio recordings.

Stay tuned for the full production of her new tracks!!